Sun Belt Express is a gem of an indie film...
— Read Write Bliss
...endlessly likable...
— Jason Bailey, DVDTalk
In contrast to the sublime landscapes of the Sonoran desert, the scenes in the trunk plunge us into intimate moments of unparalleled humor. Evan Wolf Buxbaum’s first film is a flash of searing emotion that keeps you right on the edge of your seat.
— Panda & Potato
Evan Wolf Buxbaum’s first film is intelligent and incredibly touching.
— De Wesley, La Critiquerie
SUN BELT EXPRESS is a great feel-good movie that makes you reflect and laugh, often both at the same time.
— Le Blog Du Cinema

From the Fans

Home run for Sun Belt Express...
— @bbhrnt
Charming road movie takes on serious issues without overplaying them.
— @jasondashbailey
Was just blown away by Sun Belt Express...Funny, earnest and relevant.
— @superJOVa28
What a spectacular screening of #SunBeltExpress
— @AllisonLeigh210
An extraordinary film! Beautifully nuanced, unaffected acting.
— @NacolePalmer
...its a special movie that should be huge Tate Donovan & Rachael Harris were great.
Everyone should see this funny and touching movie
— @francilenyc
Holy Crap, #SunBeltExpress. What an amazing film. Guys, check that shit out
— @Aaron Gold
And the big winner is @SunBeltExpress
— @chelseafilm
Loved it!
— @artmarcia
— @DesireeElle
Heartfelt comedy about immigration with plot twists galore
— @Mentalllnesspolicy
SUCH an AMAZING film! Hats off to everyone involved!
— @TheJennyGrace